“(Narcissyphus is) a nightmarish collection of beautiful orchestration and playful weirdness...His unique brand of lyrical poetry will catch you off guard and is at times laugh-out-loud funny -- His voice is striking, often sounding like a downtrodden Disney character from the 1930’s. The depths he’s discovered in these recordings (especially fun in over-ear headphones) are a perfect compliment to the Trump-era hellscape. - Jay Purdy, The Extraordinaires, Philadelphia PA

Music that maintains its mystery is often far more effective, and Carbone does exactly that. - Amp Eater, New York City NY

Refreshingly off-beat, old time-y folk pop. - Paper Garden Records, Brooklyn NY

"'2/3 Skeleton' demonstrates Carbone's ability to abandon the self absorbent path of the typical singer/songwriter and, like Leonard Cohen or Bill Callahan, take his listeners to another place altogether- allowing them to interpret the music in a way that is personally relevant to each individual." - Bart Ford, Under the Mooch, Tulsa OK

"It's sometimes nice to hear whimsy carry the day...just another day in the world of experimental folk music, I guess". - Jim Macnie, The Phoenix, Providence RI

"Tavo Carbone is an exceptional songwriter, somewhere loosely in the vein of Tom Waits and Frank Zappa and other oddball geniuses. His arrangements are lush and orchestral and sound as if they were filtered through a gramophone." - Nailgun Media, VA

"There's an off-kilter charm to Tavo Carbone's oddball, old-timey pop...Essentially a solo act, Carbone's been known to employ orchestral flourishes to flesh out his skeletal acoustics including, at one point, a 17-piece backing band." - City Paper, Philadelphia PA

"Playing with a long list of rotating musicians, Carbone makes the type of subtle glockenspiel-laden old time-y pop that simultaneously makes you feel like you are both in the past and the future." - Lawrence.com, KS

"Carbone himself is quite the performer, thrashing around, making funny faces, and tonguing each syllable dramatically" - The Phrequency, Philadelphia PA

"Tavo Carbone...a songwriter that repopulated early blues tunes and country waltzes with unsavory characters and sang with a voice that owed as much to Bessie Smith as Bobcat Goldthwait. Following one song, an audience member turned to me and asked, “Isn’t that what Tiny Tim sounds like?” Yet beneath a voice that might’ve seemed repellent were endearing lyrics about uncomfortable people"

- C-Ville, Charlottesville VA

"Brooklyn's Tavo Carbone, a singer/songwriter and backing band combo who should probably be commended for not being hipsters, if nothing else. Carbone writes these cutesy, Library of Congress sounding folk/pop songs that could easily be much much worse than they are. Not my thing, but certainly not bad". - We Shot JR, Fort Worth TX




Photo © Kia Carbone 2007