1.31 Hi LO Catskill NY 8 PM

Will Stratton , Katie Mullins 365 Main St website ____________________________________________________________________

2.2 PETE’s CANDY STORE Brooklyn NY 11 PM

Ghost Component, Geena Kaye 709 Lorimer Street website


2.6 PHILAMOCA Philadelphia PA 7 PM

The Extraordinaires, Burnt Nurse 531 N. 12th Street website ____________________________________________________________________

2.8 THE SNARE Silver Spring MD 8 PM

Chumpus Khan, Taciturn


2.09 PALE FIRE BREWING Harrisonburg VA 8 PM

w. Orange Folder


2.10 MAGNOLIA HOUSE Charlottesville VA 9 PM

w. Kate Bollinger, Naomi Alligator


2.12 THE NIGHT RIDER Raleigh NC 8 PM



w. Niwooben, Only Hours, Talons


2.16 TUA LINGUA Charleston SC 7:30 PM

w. Fisher King, Chelsea Hates Me,

Bong Girl, Nathan Leigh


2.17 CABBAGE SCHOOL Leichester NC 3 PM

w. Sprouse



w. Daniel Markham, Emilee Leigh


2.20 NICK’s ICE HOUSE Hattiesburg MS 9 PM





w. Noun Verb Adjective, Space Horse


2.27 GASLIGHT Lawrence KS 8 PM

w. Chrim



w. Jhohn Arlie, Contra


3.02 RAiR ARTS Roswell NM 8 PM

w. Tamara Zibners, Damien Weber


3.05 YOUR MOM’S HOUSE Denver CO 7 PM


3.08 OXYGEN BAR Santa Fe NM 9 PM


3.10 LIZARD TAIL Albuquerque NM 4 PM








4.27 THE SILVER ORANGE Sacramento CA, 7 PM




4.29 SHANACHIE PUB Willits CA, 7-10 PM


5.01 BANDIT CAFE Eureka CA, 4 PM



12.18 Radio Bean Burlington VT            8:30 - 9:30 pm

11.18 Radio Bean Burlington VT            8:30 - 9:30 pm  

11.10 Gloom Garden Winooski VT 7 - 11 pm

w/ Universe No. 122 + Immune Friction, Winooski Anvil co.

10.7 Radio Bean Burlington VT            7 - 8 pm  

8.26    Pete's Candy Store                                 Brooklyn NY                8:30 pm

8.25    Carriage Barn at Park McCullough      N. Bennington VT       7 - 9 pm

8.3      Radio Bean                                            Burlington VT              7 - 8 pm  

2.11 Harvest Brewery                                    Bennington VT            7:30 - 10:30 pm

1.26    Harvest Brewery                                    Bennington VT            7:30 - 10:30 pm



5.27    Carriage Barn @ Park McCullough (*Horse's Mouth) w/ HMS (North Bennington VT)

8.26    Harvest Brewery (Bennington VT)

1.26    Harvest Brewery (Bennington VT)



11.28   Pine Box Rock Shop (Brooklyn NY) 

11.21   Pine Box Rock Shop (Brooklyn NY) (video projections by C. Kammerer)

11.14   Pine Box Rock Shop (Brooklyn NY)

10.1     VAE Masonic Hall (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Dupont Brothers (Bennington, VT)

9.17     Pine Box Rock Shop w/ HMS (Brooklyn NY)

8.19     Pete's Candy Store (Brooklyn NY)

6.30     Pete's Candy Store (Brooklyn NY)

6.26     The Left Bank (*Horse's Mouth) (N. Bennington, VT)

6.7       Pete's Candy Store (Brooklyn NY)

4.1       Pete's Candy Store w/ Michael Chinworth (Brooklyn NY)



12.10   Pete's Candy Store, 709 Lorimer St. [Brooklyn NY] 



12.8     Pianos w/ Droneclone (Manhattan, NY)

6.26     Two Moon Cafe w/ JJ Beck, Pat Hull (Brooklyn NY) 

3.29     House Show (Brooklyn NY)



2.15     The Silent Barn w/ TWVE, Wilder Maker [Brooklyn NY] 



5.17     The Rock Shop (*Horse's Mouth) w/ The Spinto Band, Sea of Bees (Brooklyn NY)

5.4       Bennington College (acoustic show)  (Bennington, VT) 



12.12   The Emerson (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Lowel, Ross Harrow- Paper Garden Records                                Showcase (Brooklyn, NY)

11.17   Sycamore (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Silent Isle, TWVE (Brooklyn NY)  

11.11   The Emerson (*Horse's Mouth) Paper Garden Records Showcase (Brooklyn, NY)

9.25     Housing Works Street Fair w/ In One Wind, Will Stratton (Manhattan NY)

9.2       Pete's Candy Store (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Will Stratton, Gunsling Birds (Brooklyn, NY)

8.9       Death by Audio (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Fleet Faxes, Ben Seretan (Brooklyn, NY)

5.15     The Silent Barn (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Lux Perpetua, Flower Orgy, Will Stratton +

            Jesse Rifkin, Boy Without God (Brooklyn, NY)

5.11     Death by Audio (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Dinosaur Feathers, The Armchairs,

            Ball of Flame Shoot Fire (Brooklyn, NY)

4.29     Union Pool (*Horse's Mouth) w/ The Extraordinaires, Will Stratton [Brooklyn, NY]

4.6       Littlefield (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Pat Hull (Brooklyn, NY)

3.17     Glasslands Gallery (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Ursa Major, Da Comrade!, The Armchairs             

           (Brooklyn, NY)

3.8       Indie Dark Room Radio Live Broadcast (*Horse's Mouth) (Brooklyn NY)

2.16     The Silent Barn (*Horse's Mouth) w/ The WoWz, Manners, Liv Carrow (Brooklyn, NY)

1.16     Kung Fu Necktie (*Horse's Mouth) w/ The Armchairs, Virtual Virgin, Paper Masques     

            (Brooklyn, NY)          

1.14     Monster Island: Showpaper Benefit (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Data Dog,

            The Armchairs (Brooklyn, NY)

1.1.11  The Silent Barn (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Wailing Wall, Firefoot, Will Stratton,

            Ben Seretan (Brooklyn, NY)



11.20   Sidewalk Cafe (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Dropson, Ben Seretan, Cal Folger (Manhattan, NY)

11.13   Brooklyn Lyceum: Ugly Rhino Festival (*Horse's Mouth) (Brooklyn NY)

11.6     House Show (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Dropson, Will Stratton (Brooklyn, NY)

10.29   Phat Kat's (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Electric Sorcery (Lydonville VT)

10.9     Bruar Falls (*Horse's Mouth) w/ The Armchairs, Dropson, Little Teeth (Brooklyn, NY)

10.2     Bennington College (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Firefoot, Miniboone, Dropson (Bennington, VT)

9.24     Pete's Candy Store (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Raya Brass Band, Heart & Go,

            Annie Dressner (Brooklyn, NY)

9.18     The Silent Barn (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Manners, Wailing Wall, Liquid Days (Brooklyn, NY)

9.16     Pianos (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Jonny Corndawg, The Extraordinaires,

            Magnetic Island (Manhattan, NY)

8.30     Castle Gay (Philadelphia, PA) 

8.29     House Show (Philadelphia, PA) 

8.28     Greenpoint Reformed Church (*Horse's Mouth) (Philadelphia, PA) 

8.21     Building on Bond (*Horse's Mouth) (Brooklyn, NY)

8.14     Sycamore (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Will Stratton (Brooklyn, NY)  

8.6       Building on Bond (*Horse's Mouth) (Brooklyn, NY)

7.30     Salem Art Works-SAW Fest (*Horse's Mouth) (Salem, NY)

7.17     Cameo Art Gallery w/ Heather Sommerlad (Brooklyn, NY)

7.10     Pete's Candy Store (*Horse's Mouth) (Brooklyn, NY)

6.21     Cake Shop (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Will Stratton, The Viennagram, 

            Wighead (Manhattan, NY)

6.20     JR's (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Kill You in the Face, Wighead (Philadelphia PA)

6.3       Death by Audio (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Dinosaur Feathers, Grandchildren, Lonnie Walker,

            The Armchairs (Brooklyn, NY)

5.29     The Lovin' Cup (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Johnny Corndawg (Brooklyn, NY)

5.27     Union Pool (*Horse's Mouth) w/ MiniBoone, The Extraordinaires (Brooklyn, NY)

5.8       RISDI: 'take a break' Festival (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Marc Benevento, The Books,

            Last Good Tooth, others (Providence, RI)

5.7       Bar Matchless (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Oh You Devil (Brooklyn, NY)

4.29     Cake Shop (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Cameron Hull, Will Stratton, The 

            Extraordinaires (Manhattan, NY)

4.13     Pianos (*Horse's Mouth) w/ The Working Effective (Manhattan, NY) 

4.3       Pete's Candy Store (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Blissful, Candy Apples, 

            Ghost of Arthur James (Brooklyn, NY)

3.31     The Eclipse (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Wighead (Tulsa, OK)

3.29     Preservation Pub (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Paper Bird (Knoxville, TN)

3.29     Blue Plate Special (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Paper Bird (Knoxville, TN) 

3.27     Outer Space (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Sons of Young (Charleston SC) 

3.26     Spazz-Fest (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Lonnie Walker (Greenville, NC) 

3.26     Tipsy Teapot (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Lonnie Walker, Fang Island,
            Chinese Stars (Greenville, NC)

3.25     Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Pattern is Movement,

            Andrew Cedermark (Charlottesville, VA)

3.24     Johnny Brenda's (*Horse's Mouth) w/ An American Chinese, Cheers Elephant,

            Bee Team (Philadelphia, PA) 

3.20     Union Pool: Album Release Show (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Blastoff!, The Armchairs

           (Brooklyn, NY)

3.14     Public Assembly (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Wailing Wall, Duchampion,

            The Shade (Brooklyn, NY)

2.8       Death by Audio (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Your Nature, Blastoff!, Wailing Wall (Brooklyn, NY)

1.23     Firehouse XIII (*Horse's Mouth) w/ The Viennagram, You Can be a Wesley,

            Magic Magic (Providence, RI)

1.2       Cake Shop (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Lux Perpetua, An American Chinese (Manhattan, NY)        



12.18   Union Pool (*Horse's Mouth) w/ The Extraordinaires, The Armchairs (Brooklyn NY) 

12.2     Pianos (*Horse's Mouth) w/ The Armchairs (Manhattan NY)

12.1     Public Assembly: 'Brooklyn the Blog' Party (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Aeroplane Pageant, The

            Fearsome Sparrow (Brooklyn NY)

11.21   Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Invisible Hand,

            Preacher (Charlottesville VA) 

11.14   Johnny Brenda's (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Cheers Elephant, Univox (Philadelphia PA)

11.13   Danger Danger Gallery (*Horse's Mouth) w/ An American Chinese, Invisible Hand,

            Lux Perpetua (Philadelphia PA)

10.30   Pete's Candy Store (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Trevor Wilson (Brooklyn NY)

10.25   The Bell House: 'Black Bag Pictures Fundraiser' (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Exit Clov,

            The Stationary Set, The Havens (Brooklyn NY)

10.3     Bennington College (*Horse's Mouth) w/ The Big Fatt (Bennington VT)

8.24     Cake Shop w/ Helado Negro, The Silent League (Manhattan NY)

8.19     Union Pool - (Brooklyn NY)

7.28     Pete's Candy Store *residency* (Brooklyn NY) 

7.21     Pete's Candy Store *residency* (Brooklyn NY) 

7.14     Pete's Candy Store *residency* (Brooklyn NY) 

7.7       Pete's Candy Store *residency* (Brooklyn NY) 

6.17     Goodbye Blue Monday (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Joe Crow Ryan (Brooklyn NY) 

5.23     Kilpat House (*Horse's Mouth) w/ Mountain Man, Will Stratton (Bennington, VT) 

5.15     House Show (Washington DC)

5.14     Cafe Bourbon Street (Columbus OH)

5.12     GTG House (Lansing MI)

5.11     Double Door (dirt room) w/ Conrad Richards, SmallPox + the New Vaccine (Chicago IL)

5.10     Ames Progressive w/ SmallPox + the New Vaccine (Ames IA)

5.09     House Show w/ SmallPox + the New Vaccine (Lawrence KS) 

5.08     Under the Mooch w/ SmallPox + the New Vaccine, Wighead (Tulsa OK)

5.07     The Cavern w/ SmallPox + the New Vaccine, Lindsay R Spurlock, Paul Banks (Dallas TX)  

5.06     Springwater w/ Johnny Fritz, SmallPox + the New Vaccine (Nashville TN) 

5.05     The Blue Plate Special @ WDVX w/ Johnny Fritz (Knoxville TN) 

5.04     Krankie's Coffee w/ Johnny Fritz, SmallPox + the New Vaccine (Winston-Salem, NC) 

5.03     House Show w/ Johnny Fritz, Sarah Bandy, Beaks & Claws (Charleston SC) 

5.02     The Spazzatorium w/ Johnny Fritz, SmallPox + the New Vaccine, others (Greenville NC)

5.01     The Night Light w/ Johnny Fritz (Chapel Hill NC)

5.01     WKNC 88.1fm (Raleigh NC) 

4.30     Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar w/ Johnny Fritz, Invisible Hand (Charlottesville VA)

4.29     Green Line Cafe (Philadelphia PA) 

3.27     Pete's Candy Store w/ Trevor Wilson (Brooklyn NY)

3.26     VAPA w/ Trevor Wilson (Bennington VT) 

3.20     Union Pool w/ The Extraordinaires (Brooklyn NY) 

2.5       Johnny Brenda's w/ The Extraordinaires, Jimmy Cousins (Philadelphia PA)  

1.21     Crash Mansion w/ Jagwire, Tree Roots (Manhattan NY)

1.09     Trash Bar w/ Real Estate (Brooklyn NY) 



12.21    Glasslands Gallery (Brooklyn NY) 

12.13    Chernobyl House w/ Da Comrade, The Extraordinaires (Philadephia PA) 

12.12    Pete's Candy Store (Brooklyn NY)

11.15    Chernobyl House w/ Da Comrade, The Extraordinaires (Philadephia PA) 

10.31    Spike Hill w/ the Big Fatt (Brooklyn NY) 

10.28    Union Pool w/ The Extraordinaires, The Armchairs (Brooklyn NY) 

10.12    Tinderbox w/ The Extraordinaires, Ifnotitthenwhothen (Brattleboro VT)

10.11    Bennington College w/ The Extraordinaires (Bennington VT) 

10.10    Tinderbox w/ Real Estate, The Extraordinaires (Brattleboro VT) 

10.9      Lit Lounge w/ The Extraordinaires, Sundelles, Air Thieves (Manhattan NY) 

8.4        Rockwood Music Hall (Manhattan NY) 

8.1        PIFAS w/ The Extraordinaires, 

7.31      Lisa Reisman Gallery  w/ The Extraordinaires (Philadelphia PA)

7.28      The Taphouse w/ The Extraordinaires, Little Trooper (Norfolk, VA)

7.27      House Show  w/ The Extraordinaires (Charleston, SC)

7.26      Spazzatorium Galleria w/ The Extraordinaires (Greenville NC)

7.25      Speakertree Records w/ The Extraordinaires, Lux Perpetua (Lynchburg, VA)

7.24      Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar w/ The Extraordinaires (Charlottesville VA)

7.23      Grog & Tankard w/ The Extraordinaires (Washington DC)

7.22      Clementine w/ The Extraordinaires (Harrisonburg VA)

7.21      700 Social Club House w/ The Extraordinaires (Wilmington DE)

7.19      The Other Green Line w/ The Extraordinaires, Helios Eye, Soft People (Philadelphia PA)

7.16      Union Pool w/ The Extraordinaires, Frankpollis, The Dig (Brooklyn NY)

7.08      Pianos w/ The Dig (Manhattan NY) 

6.25      Pete's Candy Store (Brooklyn NY) *residency

6.18      Pete's Candy Store (Brooklyn NY) *residency

6.14      Parkside Lounge (Manhattan NY) 

6.11      Pete's Candy Store (Brooklyn NY) *residency

6.5        Pete's Candy Store (Brooklyn NY) *residency

5.18      Pete's Candy Store (Brooklyn NY) 

3.28      Parkside Lounge (Manhattan NY)

2.8        King's Tavern w/ Nervous Virgins, Your Hot Sister (Saratoga Springs NY) 

2.3        (somewhere) w/ Wighead (Chatanooga TN)

2.2        House Show w/ Wighead (Murfreesboro TN)        

2.1        Korruption w/ Wighead, Now Now Sleepyhead (Kansas City MO) 

1.31      Jackpot Saloon w/ Wighead, Now Now Sleepyhead (Lawrence KS)

1.30      Under the Mooch w/ Wighead, S. Rich + the KNO (Tulsa OK) 

1.28      1919 Hemphill w/ A Childlike Fear (Ft. Worth TX)           

1.26      House Show w/ S. Rich + the KNO (Gainesville FL) 

1.25      John Rivers Communications Museum w/ Beaks and Claws (Charleston SC) 

1.24      Spazzatorium Galleria (Greenville NC) 

1.20      Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar (Charlottesville VA) 

1.19      Lazy Eye Warehouse (Baltimore MD) 

1.18      Palindrome w/ The Extraordinaires, The Dangerous Ponies (Philadelphia PA) 

1.17      Bar Matchless (Brooklyn NY)

1.7        PIFAS w/ The Extraordinaires, S.Rich + the KNO (Philadelphia PA) 

1.6        House Show (Philadelphia PA) 



11.3      Sterling College (Craftsbury VT) 

11.2      Radio Bean (Burlington VT) 

10.23    Tinderbox w/ Ifnotitthenwhothen, S.Rich + the KNO (Brattleboro VT)   

10.18    Knapp's Underground (Bennington VT) 

9.21      Big Purple w/ Matthew Scott, Mountain Man, Kirk Kenny, S. Rich (N. Bennington VT) 

8.1        Parkside Lounge w/ Dinosaur BBQ (Manhattan NY)

7.27      Spazzatorium Galleria w/ Dinosaur BBQ (Greenville NC) 

7.25      Green Bank Observatory w/ Dinosaur BBQ (Green Bank WV)

7.23       The Firehouse w/ Dinosaur BBQ (North Manchester IN)

7.21       The Gaslight Tavern w/ Dinosaur BBQ (Lawrence KS) 

7.20       The Soundpony w/ Dinosaur BBQ, Wighead (Tulsa OK)

7.20       Under the Mooch w/ Dinosaur BBQ, Wighead (Tulsa OK)  

7.19       Natrix Natrix Records w/ Dinosaur BBQ (Austin TX)

7.18       1919 Hemphill w/ Dinosaur BBQ (Fort Worth TX)

7.17       Jackrabbit Lounge w/ Dinosaur BBQ (Shreveport LA)

7.15       New Street Gallery w/ Dinosaur BBQ (Decatur GA)

7.14       John Rivers Communications Museum w/ Dinosaur BBQ, Beaks + Claws (Charleston SC)

7.13       Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar w/ Dinosaur BBQ (Charlottesville VA) 

7.12       Padlock Gallery w/ Dinosaur BBQ, The Extraordinaires, Johnny Fritz (Philadelphia PA)

7.11       The Hook w/ Dinosaur BBQ, The Denzel Collective (Brooklyn NY) 

7.10       Welling Town House w/ Dinosaur BBQ, Kirk Kenney (N. Bennington VT) 

5.22       Greenwall Auditorium (Bennington VT) 



              Redhook Radio Live w/ Geoff Mann (Brooklyn NY) 

              Brooklyn Lyceum - Lyceum Music Festival (Brooklyn NY)



              Sparky's Dog Bar w/ The Deedle Deedle Dees (Brooklyn NY)  



              Freddie's Bar + Backroom : Barclays boycott show (Brooklyn NY) 

              Cafe Mezze (Brooklyn NY) 

              Boudoir Bar (Brooklyn NY)