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Songs Sung, vol. 1 - Out May 23 2019, 28 songs solo acoustic Voice&Guitar

Recorded & Engineered by Vaughn Montgomery at Greater Goods, Ojai CA on May 13th 2019

Songs Sung, vol. 1 is a collection of tunes 2001-2019 documented solo as performed on the 2019 Narcissyphus Tour. The album is available as Digital Download or 2 CD’s. All proceeds from this album are split with non-profit/venue/event space Greater Goods for all they do as an essential community entity/forum in Ojai and beyond. Please give what you can in support of a sorely necessary space that is vital to a hopeful, promising but distorted and troubled world.


1.) Boxcar Serenade 2.) Dramaturgical Promulgations 3.) All the People 4.) Open 5.) Tumbleweeding 6.) Figure in Movement 7.) Help Me Sleep Tonight 8.) Douchebag Caveat 9.) Blue Boats on Black Lakes 10.) Shaking Hands 11.) Microscopic Fine-print Contract Clause 12.) Crow Song 13.) In the Morning 14.) I Lost Hold of Your Hand


1.) As I Climb 2.) Carrot Phlegm 3.) In the Woods 4.) Stealing Pizza From a Fly 5.) Under the Moon 6.) Who’s The Boss? 7.) Drive Your Body Like a Zombie 8.) Somewhere 9.) Never Idle Hands 10.) Eastern Colonialism 11.) Bessie 12.) Numbers Shapes and Signs 13.) Let the Wagons Come 14.) One Way

Tavo Carbone - voice, guitar

Songs can be found with band / add’l production on studio albums Narcissyphus (2019), Horse’s Mouth (2010), 2/3 Skeleton (2007), Ear Training (2007), Pitch (2005), Disco Forest (2013), Hello (2003), Forward (2008), Up the Beanstalk (2003), Cavalcade (2002), Oakley Furgason and the Trapezoidal Dilemma (2001)