Tattered Clouds

Once I tried to carry a tattered cloud and in my hands it crumbled.

It is often that I find this to be the outcome.

Once I tried to sit on a tattered cloud and from beneath it crumbled.

Once I tried to carry a tattered cloud and in my hands it crumbled.



I am not tired.

Rest is not what I need. 

After all the passing time I can only keep going forward (not backwards)

With the clock ticking like an axe in my head,

For a reputation is all a man has.



Come running with me tonight

Where the hills touch the sky.

If the moon is shot and tumbles we'll be somewhere else. 

It's a place where you can hide and you don't have think of tomorrow.

Your teeth are thin white doors that keep on opening and closing

Wherever you go.

I may be somewhere else, but I'm with you tonight

No matter what happens 

Somewhere tonight.


I Lost Hold of Your Hand

I fell asleep and in my dream I lost hold of your hand.

As the season pulls my skin off for me,

I hope the flowers will soon be coming to help me.


The train was old and full of steam.

She walked into the river and there's not much we can do.

When the flowers come they'll need the sun too.


Ask just once of my dream.

I lost hold of your hand.


Standing Out in the Rain

When I stand out in the rain and wish upon puddles

A thousand crows will fly from my mouth and

When I'm in the rain no one has a face and

My ears feel like they're turned inside-out.


Winter went and came

At a speed I tried to run from

I could not help but look at the clock.

Come stand out in the rain.

Time moves slower and your fears remind you that they're still there.



White clouds roll over and vanish in the sun

No one is watching anyone.

Our eyes fall down again.


Broken branches and dreams roll past as we run

Away from what makes everyone

Out to be a child again with rusted nails as oldest friends and

Eyes that fall down.

No one is watching anyone.


Waiting for the Flowers

Spring is almost here.

Colorful flowers will be growing soon.

I can pick them or eat them or leave them alone.

I might talk to them if there's no one at home, but

I'd rather talk to you this spring.


The clouds will disappear and let me shave.

The colorful flowers will be blooming loud.

We can pick them or eat them or leave them alone.

Spring will be here soon.




All Words © Tavo Carbone 2007