Horse's Mouth (2010)

by Tavo Carbone

Released March 2010

All Music and Words © Tavo Carbone 2010

Recorded at MagMa & Mother West studios, NYC, Produced by Tavo Carbone / JJ Beck / Ben Mayock, Engineered by JJ Beck & Ben Mayock
Arrangements / Performances © Carbone / Beck / Scott / Sommerlad / Chinworth 2010
Mixing: JJ Beck / Ben Mayock

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Tavo Carbone: Voice, guitars, piano on 3+11, vibraphone/chimes on 7
Matt Scott: Bass, voice, orchestra drum on 11
Heather Sommerlad: Violin, voice on 5
Adele Mori: Cello, voice on 5
JJ Beck: Drum kit, piano on 7 and 10, glockenspiel on 8
Michael Chinworth: Keyboard, voice, accordion, piano on 5
John Eagle: French Horn, voice on 5
Sam Clement: 12-string acoustic guitar on 3, el. guitar on 8
Trevor Wilson: Harp on 5, 11

Additional Engineering: Tim Kretchmer
Cover Illustration: Dorothy Allen "Going Home with Polly" © D. Allen 2009
Art Layout / Photo Design: Kia Carbone

Tavo Carbone: orchestra drum and chimes ('blue boats...', 'in the morning'), piano ('as I climb', 'numbers...'), xylophone ('in the morning')
John Eagle: French horn ('as I climb', 'blue boats...', 'in the morning', 'phone booth', 'numbers...', 'after...'), voice ('blue boats' middle vocal section)
Adele Mori: cello ('as I climb', 'blue boats...', 'in the morning', 'phone booth'), voice ('blue boats' middle vocal section)
Sam Clement: guitar (Nashville acoustic on final 'as I climb' chorus / vibes and mandolin (end of 'as I walked away) / electric guitar ('phone booth')
Trevor Wilson: harp ('blue boats...', 'numbers...')
JJ Beck: melody harp ('in the woods', 'phone booth'), toy marimba ('in the woods'), percussion, chord organ ('phone booth')
Heather Sommerlad: voice ('blue boats...')
Michael Chinworth: sound tubing ('blue boats...')
Matthew Scott: voice, bass, Portuguese Guitar ('in the woods'), orchestra drum ('numbers...')
Allen Shawn: piano ('sophia', end of 'phone booth', 'after the rain')
Kaori Washiyama: violin (end of 'phone booth', 'after the rain')
Bruce Williamson: bass clarinet ('sophia', 'after the rain')
Sylvia Lou: cello ('sophia', end of 'phone booth', 'after the rain')

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