Don't look down past the tightrope - 
Someone is falling down past the windows, looking in on lives they didn't have. 
Keep walking the line- just tiptoe gently and no one will know the difference. 
Back in bed asleep by dawn with the crickets on the lawn. 
Their songs sung keep some younger than most. 
I have seen the raven flipping you the middle claw and touched his feathers worn and wrinkled, singeing by the fire. 
I count one broken nail and two dimples that are stapled on- it wasn't just the pillow you chose to lay on- you're spinning out of control. 
We will keep the tea on while you are gone, 
Back in bed asleep by dawn with the crickets on the lawn who's songs sung keep some younger than most. 


As I Climb

One by one why dial your friends all out on the weekend if you still wish for them to calm you so subtly in their way over nothing that you won't do alone? 
Out of time. 
Now's the time. 

...Alright, as I climb in the horse's mouth there- 
Oh then the phone is ringing for somebody else's long day. 
I may be coming down with a bit of a cold. 
Out of time? 
Now's the time. 
Down the hall into a room, some may knock. 
Some might run out of things to say. 
Out of time; Now's the time. 


In the Woods

In the woods I walked on an afternoon after before. 

The time was too short so now I'm counting money but knocking on locked doors,

Not old enough to know. 

I've been wearing a watch since the mile we walked and
Now that time is ticking I don't know what is left to sweep, but
No matter how I sweep the dust grows higher than the door. 
Not old enough to know. 


Blue Boats on Black Lakes

I heard someone fell apart on the radio. 
While out to lunch some years ago white lights went on to signal blue boats on black lakes and the white lies went sinking like a stone. 
Could you meet me down the well where crickets tell time in song? 
Your hair turned to water in my hand. 


In the Morning

Every night I've been hiding in the dark where no one else can see me and when the sun returns I will keep my head down and whisper softly to myself. 
Yes, today will be different from all the rest (I have not a clue why)! 
If any small thing goes wrong we will all start to scream. 
How long must the rain keep falling on our heads? 
I am about to go out of my mind. 


As I Walked Away

As you fell down from the sky to the ground I tried waving to you but the season pulled on me and I couldn't help you and the trees won't cry leaves the same anymore. 
I wonder how they look to you, who offered her hand a long time ago?
I punched it for inspiration and locked it up in a box underground. 
Please tell me how these days are for you. 


Phone Booth

Over the hill and into the valley you ran. 
You are running as fast as you can. 
When somebody calls to get you out of a corner
You're in the phone booth but can't find the costume to change into. 
Now there are flowers growing from your eyes. 
You fall fast asleep in the meadow when all the snow falls in time with the clock. 


Thin Branches

There's a branch that you're hanging from- 
The birds and bears won't catch you. 
Keep your feet on the ground...keep your feet on the ground, now. 
Back in town they will never stop to help you out but don't let it bring you down. 


Crow Song

April made it's fast approach to your door: keep it with you now. 
A crow has lost its way up high among the clouds and may never again be found but I will sing to you no matter how the wind wants to blow. 
No one has the means to say what will be. 
My love, I now sing to you. 
Although spring won't find me on the floor kissing toes one by one as I would do, the fall will have it soon be cold in everyone's bones. 
Keep it with you now: I will sing to you no matter how the wind wants to blow. 
No one has the means to say what will be. 

No one has the means to say what will be. 
My love I now sing to you. 


Numbers Shapes and Signs

What is all this space meaning now? 
Oh my goodness gracious! What is all this space? 
Here's a kick in my ass that makes me smile again. 
How do you smell now? 
Is there ever any moment's pause? 
I'd kiss you again but with a distance that may not be my best. 
When things pick up we'll spend some time again. 
My, oh, my, oh, my. 


All lyrics © Tavo Carbone 2010