Album Available for DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ($7.00 & upwards) on BANDCAMP . Compact Disc & Tape formats available at shows for time being.

1. Somewhere (live)

2. Forward (live)

3. Blue Boats on Black Lakes (live)

4. Four Hours (live)

5. Waiting for the Flowers [instr.] (live)

6. Boxcar Serenade (live)

7. Little Dreams (live)

8. Tattered Clouds (live)

9. Numbers Shapes and Signs (live)

10. I Lost Hold of Your Hand (live)


Released January 2008 / Recorded live at Greenwall Auditorium in Bennington VT on May 22, 2007 by Travis Garrison

All Music and Words © T.Carbone 2007

Live on-site engineering/hard disk live recording by Travis Garrison / Cover Art Photography by unknown source, circa 1910