Your Contribution HELPS tremendously.

110% of all Donations go to straight into merchandise-making and essential tour funds. I am not seeking funds for my tour from fans and friends, or to take work off myself whatsoever. I earn income as available, within reason — i.e. with side jobs, street performance, etc — however, to be upfront: This tour isn’t just playing shows, ‘looking cool’ and basking in the ego-radiation. With a dreamboat RV that runs 13 mpg, I wouldn’t complain! But am doing the entirety of booking, promo, merch-making, driving, cooking…7 am - 12 am everyday…and if it wasn’t work, it wouldn’t be worthwhile. If you enjoy what I do, like listening to my music and wish to support the cause of my poly-state locomotion, any contribution whatsoever is appreciated. The Narcissyphus Tour is a very long one, zigzagging all over the U.S. for nearly 15 months on 2 separate legs..spanning 30 states and then onto Europe in 2020. All proceeds go directly to merch - tweaking for optimal quality/value - Tapes, CD’s, Download Cards, T-shirts, Vinyl (this autumn) — Rerouted right back to the listener. I am so thankful for the privilege to play music, visit with you and see my country from every angle. We make that fused experience possible for one another in immaterial ways money or profit would never measure or infiltrate.

I’m not doing this strictly for profit, as perhaps an entrepeneurial modern-day wolf-cub does, shaking people down in the name of a carefree experience. But as we all experience in America, making a living from what you’re passionate about in life can be its own manifested compromise. For a long time I shunned committing to earning money through being open and sharing my music with people.. Now I’m older and glad I took the time. So, while I’m not ‘suffering’ either, any help would go a long way. The daily engagement in what I love and meeting new people who do their art too has been a different ethereal fulfillment I delight in working at.

I appreciate your donation many times over, firstly with 1 ($5+) or 2 ($10+) free album downloads of your choice (via download code) and secondly a personalized video performance of a song you've requested ($15+), filmed on location wherever I happen to be located in the U.S. Upon donating what you can, email me your requested album or video song choice. Any amount will receive a timely return in these forms of gratitude from yours truly. Thank you for your ears! It is a true pleasure to be playing music regularly and each one of these shows so far Jan - April for the Narcissyphus tour have been singularly special and incredible groups of people.

No pressure! Any amount is of great help. Besides, either way this is what I am doing and the mode of existence I have committed to.

See you out there, good heart-ed people!


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